We Keep It Simple

The General Idea

Welcome to the brave new world they never warned us about.
We are in uncharted territory and you have only two choices:

Surrender your once dominant position or  Leapfrog your much larger rivals

What will YOU do? In a world filled with dramatic, ongoing change, we will show you how to take advantage
of the turmoil and have a fun, active, PROFITABLE year. Really.
How We Consult

It begins with a telephone consultation. We then send a short questionnaire that we ask you to fill in and return within twenty-four hours. We then go to your business for three days. The first day is spent observing, the second interviewing, the third with the decision maker(s). Although specific recommendations are made on the third day, a written follow-up and telephone consulation occurs approximately one week after the visit.

The charge is US $4500 plus travel expenses. Half the fee is required upon booking, the other half one week prior to arrival at your business.

These consultancies are geared toward companies that employ between five and thirty-five people. We don't recommend our services for larger companies; however we work closely with other consultants and groups, and offer corporate retreats for larger companies that are facing change. We can also make recommendations on consultant groups that offer scientific, quantifiable measurement systems.

Our approach is human-relationship based. We believe that ALL activities and decisions are driven by a person's fundamental psychological make-up. We won't dazzle you with big words and colorful graphs and reams of research. We'll come, observe, ask lots of questions and apply our knowledge to offer you specific, RESULTS-ORIENTED action plans.
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